Make a donation towards capitation costs

Each year our biggest single bill is for ‘Capitation’. This is an annual levy on each active Watchkeeper payable to NCI’s national office.

Currently this levy stands at £27 per head but this goes up each year. Although it absolutely not a requirement, some watchkeepers have in the past made a donation to PQ towards this cost. This page simplifies the process, making it easier for you to make such a donation.

What is capitation for? The charity has of necessity some nationally pooled costs including things like insurance, premises and website costs, etc. There are no staffing costs as all officers and Trustees are volunteers just like us, but National does require some funds to operate.  Capitation has been a long-standing practice and is generally seen as a fair way of distributing national costs between all stations.

We offer three ways for you to make a donation to help support capitation costs. You also have the option to add GiftAid (except for PQ Friend) by ticking a box on the checkout page. 

Pay this year's capitation fee

Make a one-off donation to cover the cost of this year's capitation fee.

Become a PQ Friend

Costing a bit more than capitation this automatically renews each year

Make a one-off donation

Make a condition (of an amount you choose) towards your capitation