Privacy and Refunds Policies

Prawle Point NCI is part of the National Coastwatch Institution and follows its privacy and refunds policies. These may be viewed by following the link below.

NCI Policies

Note that in addition to the ways we collect information from you mentioned in the NCI Privacy Policy, we also do so if you become a PQ Friend or use this website to make a donation, buy a ticket or item from us or bid at an fund-raising auction. We may in such cases record additional information about you, such as your address and credit/debit card or bank accounts details but this information will only be used  as described in the NCI Privacy Policy under “How your information is used” and “Our legal basis for using your information”.

If you need to get in touch with us regarding an issue of privacy or the use of your data, please go to our Contact Us page.

The Contact Form on our “Contact Us” page uses  reCAPTCHA to filter out spam messages. This is a Google service. Follow the links on the “I’m not a robot” panel for Google’s privacy policy and terms of service.

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