Are you interested in actively supporting the work of Prawle Point NCI (PQ) but for whatever reason not as a Watchkeeper? Then become a PQ Friend. 

As a PQ Friend you can become involved in a number of ways. Friends contribute financially through an annual subscription, so by becoming a PQ Friend you are supporting the work financially. Be a part of our friendly community while helping us (in all kinds of ways, from baking a cake to wielding a paintbrush) sustain this vital service.

You can pay once a year or pay just £3.50 a month to make it a little easier.

We also have Business Friends: businesses and organisations in our area who wish to signal their support for our work and its importance to this marine community. Tell your customers that you care about this beautiful coastline and the people who love it.

As a PQ Friend you are part of the PQ family and are most welcome to join us at our monthly meetings; there is always a little business to transact but the meetings are mostly given over to an interesting talk on a wide array of topics (usually relating to the sea or the natural environment).

We also have outings and other social activities from time to time. You will also receive a discount when you order anything that may in future become available on the PQ website (we’re not currently offering anything for sale).

You can also be part of our WhatsApp group set up not for station/watchkeeper business but for sharing news and for general social interaction about watery things.