Frequently Asked Questions

Why do the gauges and text pages give slightly different readings?

The gauges display is updated more frequently and is more up to date.

Why is the wind speed shown greater than experienced at sea level?

It is common for the wind strength shown to be about one Beaufort force higher than at sea level. This is due to the height and location of our lookout at the top of a cliff. Visibility may also sometimes be better at sea level than at our lookout.

Can I find out what changes there have been in the weather over the past few hours?

Yes, you can display graphs. Just place the cursor over (or touch) the left half of a gauge in the first two columns or the right half of the barometer or rain rate gauge.

The gauges or graphs are too small and I cannot read them. Can I make them bigger?

Yes. Just simultaneously press Ctrl and + to zoom in on the display but remember to press Ctrl and - when you are done, otherwise your browser will remain zoomed in.

How is the cloudbase measured?

It is not measured but is the theoretical height of cumulus clouds above Prawle Point calculated from the dew point and temperature.

What is the LED light at the top of the gauges screen for?

A green light confirms that the gauges are being updated every 15 seconds. A red light indicates a fault and that the gauges are not indicating the current conditions.

Do you have more information about the weather at Prawle Point available?

Yes, there is more information (including historic) at

Prawle Point weather on your mobile

Our website will show you a mobile friendly version with the current weather conditions on the home page if you visit it using your smartphone.

Or you can download an app onto your phone or tablet. Search 'Weather Underground' or 'personal weather station' in the App Store or Google Play.

Our Weather Underground station ID is IEASTPRA2 (that's the capital letter 'I' at the beginning not a 1 or an L).